Gallerist Master Course 2012

ECADC produced the first Gallerist Master Course in Tallinn, offering training for both practicing and emerging gallerists.  Under the guidance of Iain Robertson from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, Kendall Koppe from Kendall Koppe Gallery in Glasgow, and Edward Winkleman & Murat Orozobekov from Winkleman Gallery in New York, course participants were taught about the ins and outs of running a commercial gallery.  Three 2-3 day modules between 5th and 21st October covered the structure of the global art market and principles of gallery management.  For three selected Estonian participants, the course will conclude with an international gallery internship in 2013.


Course schedule


Iain Robertson

Head of Art Business Studies Sotheby’s Institute of Art London


Friday, October 5th         3-7pm

Saturday, October 6th    12-2pm


– The structure of the international art market

– The contemporary art market

– Buying and selling patterns

– The role of the public sector in the art market


 Edward Winkleman & Murat Orozobekov

Winkleman Gallery New York


Wednesday, October 17th   3 – 7pm

Thursday, October 18th  3 – 7pm

Friday, October 19th  3 – 7pm


– On becoming a gallerist and how to learn the trade

– Various gallery identities and defining your program

– Business models in primary market

– Secondary market

– Choosing and representing artists: How to build a long term relationship

– Legal aspects of running a gallery: Best practice and sample forms

– How to sell?

– How to find collectors and maintain relationships with them

– Art fairs and how to navigate them


 Kendall Koppe

Kendall Koppe Gallery Glasgow


Saturday, October 20th   12-4pm

Sunday, October 21st  12-4pm


– Case study of Kendall Koppe Gallery





Iain Robertson is a Head of Art Business Studies in Sotheby`s Institute, London. He obtained Ph.D in 2000 on the emerging art markets of Greater China from City University, London. In addition to more than 100 articles for the arts and national press, Iain Robertson is Art Market Editor and feature writer for Art Market Report, Australia. Robertson is a distinguised expert in the field of international art markets and he has written several books on the topic, including Understanding International Art Markets and Management (2005), The Art Business (2008) and A New Art from Emerging Markets (2011). His latest book Principles of International Art Business, edited with Derrick Chong will appear in 2013.


Edward Winkleman began his career in the art world with a series of guerilla-style exhibitions organized in New York and London under the name “hit &run”. In 2001 he co-founded Plus Ultra Gallery in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn, New York. He was a founding member and the first president of the Williamsburg Gallery Association and an early member of the New Art Dealers Alliance. Moving into Manhattan’s gallery district in Chelsea in 2006, he changed the name of the gallery to Winkleman Gallery. He is the author of an eponymous blog about the art world and politics, a contributing editor to the international blog Art World Salon and has written a book How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery.


Murat Orozobekov was born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in 1974, and graduated from Trakya University in Erdine, Turkey in 1997. Orozobekov moved to New York in 2001 where he joined Winkleman Gallery in 2006 as co-owner. Among the exhibitions has curated or co-curated is “I Dream of the Stars: New Central Asian Video,” which traveled to the Museo de Arte de El Salvador. In addition to playing an important role in the creation of the SEVEN art fair that takes place in Miami, each December, Orozobekov co-founded Moving Image, the contemporary video art fair that takes place each year in New York and London.


Kendall Koppe was born in Brazil in 1979 and raised in New York City. Koppe first moved to Scotland to study at the Glasgow School of Art where he graduated in 2001. Koppe returned to Glasgow after completing an MA at The University of Westminster in 2005. He is one of the founding directors of  the artist-led gallery Washington Garcia, a gallery with no fixed location focused on the production of new work (2006 – 2010). In April 2011 he opened the eponymously named, KENDALL KOPPE, gallery that further builds on the exhibitions and artist ties begun under the umbrella of Washington Garcia. Koppe is also a member of  Poster Club, Glasgow – a group of seven Glasgow-based artists who work collaboratively and who have recently exhibited together at Eastside Projects in Birmingham.