International Gallery Internships

Internship programme offers practicing gallerists and early-career arts professionals an opportunity to acquire 2-4 months’ experience from the art centres of Europe or the United States. In collaboration with the receiving galleries, ECADC chooses up to 5 candidates based on their CV, letter of motivation, and language skills to the internship programme, which runs every other year. The intern’s tasks include participation in the day-to-day operations of the gallery and exhibition preparation. In addition to the profession of a gallerist or an art dealer, the experience acquired through a gallery internship is also easily applicable to exhibition-making practices and positions available within a variety of art institutions.





Grete Remmel, Helsinki Contemporary gallery, Helsinki
Grete Tiigiste, Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki
Laura Elisabeth Konsand, Manifesta biennial, Amsterdam



Triin Metsla, Art Night London festival, London

Eva-Erle Lilleaed, Bold Tendencies sculpture park, London

Lilian Hiob, Sandy Brown gallery, Berlin



Eda Tuulberg, Raster gallery, Warsaw

Tiiu Parbus, Office Baroque gallery, Brussels

Madli Ehasalu, Juliette Jongma gallery, Amsterdam

Temuri Hvingija, United Photo Industries gallery, New York



Mihkel Ilus, Kendall Koppe gallery, Glasgow

Merilin Talumaa, carlier/gebauer, Berlin

Tiina Määrmann, Schleicher/Lange, Berlin

Sandra Veinla, Hollybush gardens and Cole gallery, London

Kadri Laas, Winkleman gallery, New York