Studio Visits

Studio Visits series is meant for anyone with an interest in contemporary art or a desire to become more acquainted with emerging artists’ practices. We also provide consulting services for those looking to start their own art collection or acquiring art for either living or office spaces. Anyone interested in becoming more closely acquainted with artists’ working methods from inception through to production are most welcome to join the Studio Visits. Starting from 2020 we organize studio visits only by request. Please write to


2019 April: Karel Koplimets

2019 March: Eike Eplik

2019 March: Raul Keller

2018 December: Taavi Suisalu

2018 December: Anna Škodenko

2018 November: Narva Art Residency/Katja Mater

2018 September: Diana Tamane

2018 August: Helena Keskküla

2018 June: Elis Saareväli

2018 May: Timo Toots

2018 May: Kristina Õllek

2018 April: Laura Põld

2017 June: Flo Kasearu

2017 May: Merike Estna

2017 March: Paul Kuimet

2017 February: Krista Mölder

2016 May: Mart Vainre

2016 March: Tanja Muravskaja

2015 December: Laura Kuusk

2015 November: Edith Karlson

2015 October: Anu Vahtra

2015 July: Mihkel Ilus

2015 June: Len Murusalu

2015 April: Laura Toots

2014 November: Kirke Kangro

2014 October: Kristi Kongi

2014 June: Jaanus Samma