English queer artist Jordan Edge (Kiik Amor) will culminate their residency at NART this Saturday with a performance and artist talk

Jordan Edge (Kiik Amor), queer artist and curator from the North of England, was in residency in Narva this March. Jordan’s experimental practice is focused on sound, intersecting with experience design, performance art and supersonic world building.


Saturday’s performance will be the culmination of Jordan’s month-long exploration, and will provide insight into the fascinating world they have created. During the event, the audience can see new film footage, get up close to handmade costumes and jewellery, and listen to soundscapes recorded in various mythical places in Estonia. The event will conclude with an artist talk.


During their residency in NART, Jordan Edge has been exploring Estonian and Northeastern English mythology through the embodiment of folklore characters, creatures and spirits, specifically the Blue Deity (Tölp) of The Blue Springs of Saula, the Tuhala witches, the Lambton Wyrm of Durham and the story of the Kalevipoeg.


Jordan traveled and filmed at various places in Estonia, including the Saula blue springs as well as the Kaali crater. He also worked at the Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing at the Estonian Academy of Arts and made new works in the department’s workshops. 

Jordan Edge came to Estonia thanks to the collaboration between NART, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Centre (ECADC) and the Estonian Embassy in London. In 2019, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art started a collaboration with Lithuania, and in 2023 Estonia and Latvia joined the project. Last July, Estonian artist Maria Kapajeva took part in a residency in England, and the next Estonian artist will be selected for a foreign residency this summer. The Gateshead-based arts centre supports experimental contemporary art. 


For more information about the event here.


Jordan Edge. Photo: Aaron Wyld