CPR at Art Marbella: Staff Presentation and Core Program details. Application Deadline August 15, 2015

The inaugural public presentation of the CPR team took place on July 31st at Art Marbella, where directors Carmen Ferreyra and Aura Seikkula introduced the following CPR hosts: Carolina Castro Jorquera (Santiago de Chile), Luisa Espino (Madrid), Kadri Laas (Tallinn), Bruno Leitão (Lisbon), Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo (São Paulo and Rio), Bernardo Sopelana (Mexico City), and Ondrej Stupal (Prague). For more information about the complete list of hosts, click here.


In addition to introducing seven members of the current staff, CPR presented further details about the upcoming CPR 2015: Eastern & Northern Europe. Taking place inHelsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia, the first Core Program will last two weeks, from October 12th to October 26th, 2015.


The starting point for CPR 2015: Eastern & Northern Europe will be Tallinn (October 12-19). CPR local hosts Karin Laansoo and Kadri Laas will introduce up to 10 participating curators to the local Estonian art scene. Relative to the local population, there are a plethora of galleries and museums devoted to the promotion of the arts in Estonia. Participating curators will be immersed in an intense program consisting of studio visits, trips to local arts institutions, and lectures. The itinerary includes in-depth tours of both state-funded and independently-run spaces, including the KUMU and Tartu Art Museum, Tallinn Art Hall, Tartu Art House, Estonian Contemporary Art Museum (EKKM), Temnikova & Kasela Gallery and other alternative spaces. There is a rich, diverse scene of local exhibitions, which has enhanced the success of Estonian artists and curators at international exhibitions. Finally, guest curators will also visit Tallinn Photomonth, an artist led biennial of art and visual culture. In 2015, the main program features five exhibitions and a range of public events in collaboration with public and commercial galleries and The Photographic Art Fair Estonia.


The Helsinki Core Program (October 20-26) starts with an overview of the city’s multifaceted art scene.  In recent years, collective practices have flourished in Helsinki, working both locally and internationally, and yielding a critically engaged and versatile urban art scene. To introduce guest curators to these emerging tendencies, CPR Helsinki’s main partners are Checkpoint Helsinki and Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP). Both organizations have major roles in defining Helsinki’s evolving art scene through research and international exposure. HIAP initiates and supports new approaches in producing, understanding, studying, and valuing art. Checkpoint Helsinki, a contemporary arts organization, commissions and produces local works of art. They will introduce guest curators to two prevailing tendencies in the city’s artistic practices: environmental and hybrid works that merge with design, performance, and curatorial practices.


Stressing academic rigor and on-site research, the participants will present and discuss assigned readings in relation to on-site visits. Following the program, each curator is asked to submit a proposal for a project in his/her home city; one winning proposal will be awarded funds for its production.
For application guidelines and further information, please visit curatorialprogram.org. Independent curators and those with institutional affiliations may apply; only applications from established and emerging curators (two+ years of professional experience) will be considered. A jury comprised of CPR’s executive board as well as local CPR hosts will select the participants.





DSC02781CPR team from left: Ondrej Stupal, Carmen Ferreyra, Bruno Leitao, Aura Seikkula, Kadri Laas, Carolina Castro Jorquera, Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo, Luisa Espino, Bernardo Sopelana



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