International Focus: Jessamyn Fiore / New York

Please join us on Friday April 10th at 5pm at the NO99 Theater (Sakala 3, Tallinn) for a talk by New York-based curator Jessamyn Fiore about her curatorial practice.


Jessamyn Fiore is a curator and writer as well as co-director of the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark. In September 2014 she joined Rawson Projects gallery in New York City as a Partner and Director. From 2007 to 2010 she was Director of Thisisnotashop, a not-for-profit gallery space in Dublin, and during that time Jessamyn co-founded The Writing Workshop, which functioned as a collaborative forum for writers and artists.


In her talk, Jessamyn will focus on her recent projects, such as “112 Greene Street. The Early Years (1970-1974)” exhibition and book, her work as curator for the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation in Dubai, and her upcoming collaboration with Sam Martineau and Katrin Koskaru in Cologne.


Jessamyn is visiting Tallinn as part of the ECADC’s Visiting Curators Programme and will be exploring the local art scene as well as visiting several artist studios for further research.


You are most welcome to join us!


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