February 2020 News

Galeria Karen Huber & Merike Estna at Zona Maco, web banner. Courtesy of Merike Estna studio. Graphic design: Martina Gofman


Merike Estna in Mexico City and Oaxaca


Karen Huber gallery is participating at this year’s Zona Maco art fair in Mexico City, presenting Merike Estna’s new series of paintings titled ‘Empty vessels, empty eyes’. The paintings are accompanied by a performative presence presented once a day by Anaconda and featuring text by Andrew Berardini.


After Zona Maco, Estna will start a residency at the Casa Wabi Foundation on the south coast of Mexico.


Fair in Mexico City:


Open: February 5th to 9th 2020. The performative presence for ‘Empty vessels, empty eyes’ starts daily at 7pm

Address: Citibanamex Center, D-Hall, V. Conscripto 311, Lomas de Sotelo, México. Karen Huber gallery is in booth ZMF11

Web: zsonamaco.com


Residency in Oaxaca:


Duration: February 10th to March 24 2020

Address: Casa Wabi, Oaxaca, Mehhiko

Web: casawabi.org



Ingel Vaikla ‘Shapes and Distances’, 2019, video still. Courtesy of the artist


Ingel Vaikla and Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) in Brussels


Ingel Vaikla’s solo exhibition ‘Shapes and Distances’ opens at Beursschouwburg, Brussels. The project is curated by Laura Toots and it is a co-production between Beursschouwburg and Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) Tallinn. Vaikla conceptualises her new works through the idea of double exposure – overlapping both past and future as well as being home and abroad simultaneously. By bringing together archival material and new footage depicting Slavutych, the last city the Soviet Union built, located in northern Ukraine, Vaikla asks how do the subjective and collective identities form as well as materialise on film, in politics, in architecture.


Open: February 8th to March 21st 2020

Address: Beursschouwburg, Auguste Ortsstraat 20-28, Brüssel

Web: beursschouwburg.be



Kris Lemsalu Malone & Kip Malone Lemsalu. Photo: Eric Martin


Kris Lemsalu Malone in Berlin and Mexico City


Kris Lemsalu Malone will open the exhibition ‘Love Song Sing-Along’ together with Kyp Malone Lemsalu at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. Since Performa 17, the artists duo has collaborated to create enhanced installations and performances encompassing sculpture, ceramics, animation, performative elements as well as music and sound. The large-scale installation created for the KW exhibition will take up the entire third floor and will serve as an environment in which the lines between objects, bodies, and action are blurred. During the opening Kris Lemsalu Malone and Kyp Malone Lemsalu will enliven this environment with a new performance. This is the first institutional exhibition by Kris Lemsalu Malone in Germany.


In addition to the exhibition in Berlin, Kris Lemsalu Malone will present a new performance ‘Paloma’ in collaboration with Kyp Malone Lemsalu, Barbara Sánchez-Kane and Viktor Martínez at the Material Art Fair in Mexico City.


Exhibition in Berlin:


Open: February 29th to May 3rd 2020. Opening of the exhibition is on Friday, February 28th at 7pm

Address: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststraße 69, Berlin

Web: kw-berlin.de


Performance in Mexico City:


Open: February 7th to 9th 2020. Kris Lemsalu Malone’s performance will take place during the opening of the fair on February 6th at 5pm to 6pm. 

Address: Frontón México, De la República 17, Col. Tabacalera, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

Web: material-fair.com



Marge Monko ‘Flawless Seamless II’, 2019. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: JJ Images


Marge Monko in Berlin


Marge Monko’s solo show ‘Flawless Seamless’ is open at Gallery Russi Klenner in Berlin. The terms ‘display’ and ‘desire’ play a central role in the artist’s work. What is the intention behind showing, presenting or exhibiting something in a certain way and what kind of desires are generated hereby? Monko examines her particular interest – product advertising of the 20th and 21st century and gives new interpretations for ads about wrist watches, images of stockings and tights as well as about the myths created around diamonds.


Open: January 18th to February 29th 2020

Address: Gallery Russi Klenner, Luckauer Straße 16, Berliin

Web: russiklenner.de



Katrin Koskaru ‘The Line of Little Figures’, 2019. Courtesy of the artist


Katrin Koskaru in Paris


Katrin Koskaru opened her solo show ‘The Line of Little Figures’ in Paris at L’ahah, Moret. L’ahah is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2017, aimed to develop and introduce collaborations between art and other disciplines. Since September 2018, the organisation runs two spaces in Paris. Katrin Koskaru will create a site-specific large-scale painting and a wall installation for L’ahaha Moret.


Open: January 27th to March 28th 2020.

Address: L’Ahah #Moret, 24-26 rue Moret, Paris 

Web: lahah.fr



Karel Koplimets. Photo: Kaisa Maasik


Karel Koplimets in Ghent


In the beginning of this year, Karel Koplimets started his two-year residency program at HISK art residency in Belgium. HISK offers a post-academic course in visual arts, and is mostly focused on the development of personal artistic practices. Karel Koplimets works mainly with narrative installations and deals with topics such as crimes, conspiracy theories, urban legends, fears and paranoias. In his latest projects Karel has been interested in topics such as traveling ja migration, e.g. shopping tourism, cross-border workers, changes in a concept of a job and workplace.


Duration: 2020–2021

Address: Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten (HISK), Ghent, Belgium

Web: hisk.edu



Tanja Muravskaja in her residency studio at the WIELS Contemporary Art Center. Photo: Vladimir Loginov


Tanja Muravskaja in Brussels


Starting from the beginning of January, Tanja Muravskaja is in a six-month residency at the WIELS Contemporary Art Center in Brussels. During her residency, Muravskaja wishes to further develop her ideas on future people: changes in the human nature brought on by new social, ethic and spiritual values. The participation of Estonian artists in the WIELS residency programme is organized by the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia. During the programme, there will be workshops, discussion groups and talks organized for the participants, and feedback given by art professionals visiting the residency.


Duration: January to June, 2020

Address: Wiels contemporary art center, Av. Van Volxemlaan 354, Brussels

Web: wiels.org


Open in February:

Kris Lemsalu in Bern

Kärt Ojavee and Johanna Ulfsak in Espoo

Marko Mäetamm in Zurich