Tallinn Tuesday on September 26

Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center will be hosting the gallery evening Tallinn Tuesday in conjunction with the Tallinn Photomonth on September 26th. The program includes Gallery Positiiv, Draakon Gallery, Okapi Gallery, EAA Gallery Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Vaal Gallery and Fahle Gallery where you can see exhibitions related to camera-based practices. The gallery evening offers a possibility to meet local artist and gallerists throughout the entire evening.


Program of the gallery evening:


5pm Gallery Positiiv (Roo 21a)

Ülle Saatmäe “Field of Vision” (curator Kristel Schwede)


Ülle Saatmäe’s personal exhibition “Field of Vision” creates a dramatic dialogue between textile and photography. The textile installation composed to communicate the message of photography enables to perceive the visual journey of the author from 2D photograph to the 3D gallery space in a touch-sensitive manner. Ülle Saatmäe is a textile designer and works as a designer at the Disain Digesto. She also gives lectures on interior textile at the Tartu Art College.

During Tallinn Tuesday, the curator and the artist invite visitors to a thoughtful journey that crosses and connects the boundaries of contemporary art through various media.


6pm Draakon Gallery (Pikk 18)

Tarvo Varres “Memory Sensitive”


At the center of the personal exhibition by Tarvo Varres are photographs from the series “Unavailable Memory (The Corners of Brussels)” (2015), which present us questions about the history, trilingual identity, everyday use of the city and its status as the so-called European capital. Tarvo Varres is working in photography, video and installations. He started exhibiting institutionally in 1991 with the exhibition “Guide to Intronomadism”. He has received several awards, has been nominated for the Köler Prize 2018, his works are in the contemporary art collection of  the Art Museum of Estonia, and he has been a guest tutor at the Estonian Academy of Art since 1996.

During Tallinn Tuesday, a book launch of Tarvo Varres’ first monograph “Memory-Sensitive” will take place (texts by Hanno Soans, Margus Ott, Marten Esko, Mark Raidpere).


7pm Okapi Gallery (Niguliste 2)

Kristian Saks “Tallinn Lives – A Glance at the Capital’s Streets”


The second personal exhibition by Kristian Saks “Tallinn Lives – A Glance at the Capital’s Streets” is on view at Okapi Gallery during Tallinn Tuesday. The exhibition is focused on the commotion and less visited places of Tallinn. The primary incentive for the author to take up street photography was part of his plan to face his fears. Now the genre has in its own way found a place in the author’s photographic endeavours and is slowly spreading to other cities in Europe. Kristian Saks is a photographer and a translator, who is mainly interested in analogue photography.

The artists will give a closer look of his exhibition during Tallinn Tuesday.


7.30pm EAA Gallery (Freedom square 6/8)

Elena Khurtova & Marie Bourlanges “Whispering Stones”


Khurtova & Bourlanges present an interactive installation inspired by a peculiar text dedicated to the star constellation of Cephea. Playing with the double etymology of Cephea as “stone” and “head”, the duo explores the fictional narratives superimposed on natural elements like stones, and attempt to give them back their own “voice”. Referring to ritual practices with healing stones found in the Cévennes region of France, Khurtova and Bourlanges experiment with touching over recreated stones, enabling them to “speak”. During Tallinn Architecture Biennale Khurtova & Bourlanges invite Taavi Tulev to play live the ’voices’ of the series of porcelain stones. Playing with the acoustic and spacious quality of the exhibition space in dialogue with the tactility of porcelain pieces, the installation will generate an immersive sound and visual experience.

A guided tour of the exhibition will be given by Eve Arpo from the Estonian Centre of Architecture and Keiu Krikmann, the gallerist of the EAA Gallery, during Tallinn Tuesday.


8.30pm Temnikova & Kasela Gallery (Lastekodu 1)

Olga Chernysheva “Algunas Canciones Lindas” (curator Anders Kreuger)


With her exhibition “Algunas Canciones Lindas”, Olga Chernysheva presents some 30 lens-based works, mostly analogue and digital photographs. They communicate some of her main concerns – the productive tensions between images and stories, the typical and the unpredictable, the one and the many – but which have not, until now, found their place in her different series of works or even been shown in public. Olga Chernysheva lives and works in Moscow. Her work spans film, photography, drawing and object-based mediums, where she draws on quotidian moments and marginal spaces from everyday life as a way of exploring the increasing fragmentation of master narratives in contemporary Russian culture.

During Tallinn Tuesday, a guided tour will be given by Merilin Talumaa from Temnikova & Kasela gallery.


9pm Vaal Gallery (Tartu road 80d)

Kristi Kongi “Aberration. Exercises with Light and Shadow”

“Aberration – Exercises with Light and Shadow” has its beginnings in a research trip to Mexico City. While roaming around the town with a camera, the artist tried to photograph every moment. The movement of light and its quick changes were the biggest incitement to develop and realise the exhibition. It became crucial to capture the rapidly changing moments of light and shadow. This resulted in an integral installation with oil paintings on canvas at its centre. Paintings as light paintings that try to capture the changing moments of light. Kristi Kongi has graduated from the painting department of Tartu Art College and received her master’s degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2011.

During Tallinn Tuesday, the artist will give a guided tour of the exhibition.


9.30pm  Fahle Gallery (Tartu road 84a)

“Estonian Film 100 – Life Behind the Scenes”


For one special night, during Tallinn Tuesday, the big hall of Fahle Gallery will open a sneak preview of the exhibition “Estonian Film 100 – Life Behind the Scenes”. This photography exhibition reveals the behind-the-scenes frames of Estonian movie classics, and does it through the lens of photographic art and the eyes of the best Estonian photographic artists.

During Tallinn Tuesday, there is a guided tour of the exhibition.