New Art Center in Noblessner waterfront area in Tallinn

Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC) received a major grant from Enterprise Estonia to renovate the old submarine factory into a shared work and programming space for contemporary art organizations in Tallinn.


ECADC’s new headquarters was one of three art projects that will receive funding from European Regional Development Fund. The proposed venue lies on the shores of Tallinn Bay with Noblessner Marina, the Seaplane Harbour and the historic Kalamaja district as its neighbours. The history of the port dates back to 1912 when Swedish-Russian oil entrepreneur and art collector Emanuel Nobel and a torpedo manufacturer Arthur Lessner established a submarine plant on the site to serve the navy of the Russian Tsar. The cousin of the famed Nobel Prize founder and his business partner had given the name of today’s port area – Nobel+Lessner.  In recent years, this architecturally unique site has been a favorite among a local creative community for ambitious, large scale projects.


The new art center will take over the second floor of an old submarine factory with 900 square meters of space for exhibition programming, residency, auditorium and shared offices for key contemporary art organizations, festivals and biennials in Estonia. This will be the first time that several grass-roots art organizations will have the opportunity to not only utilize a purpose-built work and programming space but also to share communication, accounting, legal, and other costs, allowing them to take their institutions to the next level.


In preparation for the opening and during the conversion of the historic building, ECADC will go through extensive restructuring to support all existing and new programs. More detailed plans will be unveiled at a press event during first week of May 2017.


Major support: Enterprise Estonia / European Regional Development Fund

Developer: Noblessner Arendus OÜ