Tallinn Tuesday gallery night during Tallinn Music Week


TMW Arts, organized by the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC), will host a gallery evening called Tallinn Tuesday with a special program and extended opening hours on March 28 from 5pm to 9pm. The gallery evening is a wonderful opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Estonian art gallery landscape – we’ll visit both newcomers and more established galleries, and meet with gallerists and artists. Tallinn Tuesday’s exhibition program includes projects by both Estonian and international artists, group shows, and solo exhibitions. During Tallinn Tuesday you can attend an exhibition opening at Okapi gallery, visit the last day of an exhibition at Haus gallery, enjoy international group exhibitions at EKA and Temnikova & Kasela galleries, and end the evening with a musical event at Vaal gallery.


5pm Haus gallery (Uus str. 17)

Mall Nukke’s exhibition “TriColorGames”


Mall Nukke’s national-romantic exhibition “TriColorGames” will open for its last day during Tallinn Tuesday. The exhibition features the artist’s works from the years 2014-2017. National symbols with their iconic traits have always been a characteristic of Nukke’s work. For the artist, national symbols offer the possibility of taking an introspective look and forming a personal value-based icon. One of the sources of inspiration for Nukke’s current exhibition has been the meaning of the Estonian flag’s colors: blue, black, and white symbolizing respectively the Estonian sky and lakes, faith, and loyalty; Estonian soil, traditional clothing, and dark past; and the pursuit of happiness and light.


6pm Okapi gallery (Niguliste str. 2)

Niña Yhared’s audio-visual performance “Via Baltic”


Okapi gallery presents Mexican-born artist Niña Yhared’s performance project “Via Baltic“. Residing in Vilnius, Lithuania, Yhared focuses her work on the largest citizen-initiative demonstration in the Baltic countries’ history, the Baltic Way, soon celebrating its 30th anniversary. The artist raises questions about nationality, freedom, and borders in her performance.


7pm EKA gallery (Freedom square 6/8, entrance through the courtyard)

OGH (Paige Früchtnicht ja Greg Ponchak) exhibition “Zones of Indistinction”


“Zones of Indistinction” is a collaborative exhibition by the US-based artist duo OGH. The exhibition presents an ongoing attempt to live according to the Rule in such a manner that life itself becomes indistinguishable from that Rule. The impetus for this rigid adherence is not a masochistic desire for structure or constraint, but, somewhat paradoxically, liberation from an imposed order.


8pm Temnikova & Kasela gallery (Lastekodu str 1)

International group exhibition “Euroland” curated by Oleg Frolov


“Euroland” is an international group exhibition bringing together Tallinn, Moscow, Berlin, and Vienna-based artists from different generations. Their works are all characterized by a profound interest in the connections between society and its physical environment. The show will attempt to create an intellectual context common to the practices of the 7 artists, which are otherwise quite different. The exhibition features Ekaterina Borsuk, Oleg Frolov, Leopold Kessler, Klara Liden, Juhan Soomets, Denis Stroev, and Tõnis Vint.


9pm Vaal gallery (Tartu road 80d)

Laurentsius’s exhibition “The Pink Tree”


The gallery tour ends at Vaal gallery, where you can see an exhibition by Laurentsius. Laurentsius is an Estonian painter whose work combines academic and pop art features by fusing adept painting techniques and detailed surfaces with industrial aesthetics. For this exhibition, Laurentsius has taken on the challenge of painting landscapes, demonstrated through his larger-than-life paintings in this forgotten genre. Bourgeois and decadence, kitsch and personality create an exhibition experience that elegantly straddles the line between good and bad taste.