Tallinn Tuesday on June 13

ECADC will be hosting the next gallery evening Tallinn Tuesday in conjunction with the Tallinn Art Week festival on June 13th. The program includes Gallery Positiiv, Haus Gallery, EAA Gallery, Temnikova & Kasela Gallery and Vaal Gallery, where you can meet local artist and gallerists. There is also an opportunity to participate in a bike tour to attend all the galleries. The bike tour starts at Gallery Positiiv and everyone is welcome to join at any point during the gallery evening.


The program of the gallery evening:


5pm Gallery Positiiv (Roo 21a)

Anna-Kai Tõrs “There must be beauty, always!”


Anna-Kai Tõrs’s photography project explores the beauty-world of contemporary men and the social role of barber shops. Anna-Kai Tõrs has studied photography by taking several courses, she has worked with documentary and portrait photography for ten years and is a co-author of the photo magazine Positiiv.


6pm Haus Gallery (Uus 17)

August Künnapu “Assortment/Babylon”


August Künnapu has several favourite topics, which he compiles and presents as a colourful assortment. The exhibition features sportsmen and folk dancers, cats and dogs and the most recent favourites of the artist – horses. Künnapu’s diverse artistic practice is influenced by cubism, art deco, retro and pop-art, and is often, even though naive at first glance, described as psychologically multi-layered.


6.30pm Okapi Gallery (Niguliste 2)

Alan Proosa “Waiting”


In his photography exhibition “Waiting”, artist Alan Proosa explores the different aspects of gender roles and sexuality both from social and personal perspective. He is interested in topics such as androgyny, human craving, desire and hope, masculine and feminine positions, sexuality and gender roles in time and social context, but also beauty. Alan Proosa has studied semiotics at the University of Tartu and photographic art at Tartu Art College and has worked as a photographer and a teacher.


7pm EAA Gallery (Freedom Square 6/8)

Keiu Maasik “Lost Friends”, curator Kaisa Maasik


The exhibition “Lost Friends” by Keiu Maasik explores the issues of growing up and the distancing of people through the mediums of photography and video. The exhibition depicts a universal process – losing friends over time and the reasons for it – through the story of one group of friends.


8pm Temnikova & Kasela Gallery (Lastekodu 1)

Merike Estna & Ana Cardoso “The Seed Can Be Initialized Randomly II”


Merike Estna and Ana Cardoso are both painters who have come together at two different geographic and temporal points to explore the medium of painting, traditional crafts and a woman’s place in the art world. The second installment of the exhibition (the first took place in Porto last year) explores what is often considered a craft material or folk art – with the artists working on paintings reinterpreted as traditionally crafted rugs.


8.30pm Vaal Gallery (Tartu road 80d)

Björn Koop & Leslie Laasner “Internal Combustion”


The exhibition “Internal Combustion” brings together two petrolheads who both explore the world of engines through their respective artistic practices. Björn Koop has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts and is currently working as a car designer in Frankfurt. Leslie Laasner has also graduated from the Academy but is most well-known as a musician. “Internal Combustion” is Leslie’s first gallery exhibition.