The Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC) is a nonprofit foundation focused both on fostering international exposure for artists from Estonia and on developing the contemporary art scene in Estonia. Functioning as an umbrella organization for Estonian partner institutions, the center is creating strategic international partnerships in the field of contemporary art. Founded in 2012, ECADC receives ongoing financial support through Enterprise Estonia (EAS) from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Our team members are based in New York and Tallinn, Estonia. ECADC is the founding member of philanthropic organization Outset Estonia.



ECADC project for the development of creative industries focuses on three areas of activity. Firstly, ECADC actively collaborates with its partner organizations in Estonia with the aim of professionalizing galleries’ activities and developing an art market. Secondly, ECADC contributes to the visibility of Estonian contemporary art and promotes it internationally. And thirdly, ECADC encourages philanthropy and private investment in art.


In collaboration with its partner organizations, ECADC aims to develop a sustainable infrastructure for contemporary art that would lead to further internationalization of the field.